I recently backed a KickStarter project for a device called Fargo. In a nutshell, Fargo is nothing more than 8 relays which are controlled by a simple webserver.

While Fargo has a nice web accessible backend, I wanted something with a little more customization (things like, find the state of a given relay on a remote server, or flash a light when a something happens on my website). For this I’ve created FargoPHP, a simple PHP library that can be used to control your device. The library uses the native REST/API commands of the Fargo.

To begin, you’ll need to download the FargoPHP files from my GitHub account and place them on your remote webserver. (This library requires at least PHP version 5.3 or newer. PHP 5.5 is recommended).

Getting started is easy. Once your Fargo is accessible from the internet,

More to come soon!

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