Get Noticed is the theme that Michael Hyatt uses on his WordPress site. About 3 months ago the theme became available for purchase. Setting up the Get Noticed theme for the first time can be a bit tricky. There are a lot of settings that need to be entered. I’ve created a screencast of the steps I take when setting up a new site with the theme.


  1. Larissa Galenes

    Hi David,

    Um, wow! I’ve spent the past few weeks redesigning my website using Get Noticed (if my name sounds familiar it’s because you helped me a bunch with my subscription form and a few other issues!). I wish I’d known about your video before I started…and I think I’m definitely going to go back and watch it all the way through just as a double-check.

    Thanks again for your help through GN support, and for this video. : )

    Peace & Veggies,


  2. Tim Root

    That was a very helpful video. I was expecting this theme to be more complicated, but you explained it quite well. Thanks!

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